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  • iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Guide

    Although replacing the screen in your iPhone 4 is more difficult than that in the later models, it is easy nonetheless. Here we have outlined a guide to get your iPhone 4 back up and running.


    Get the kit: iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Kit


    The replacement kit contains everything required to complete the install yourself.


    Before beginning your install, we advise that you should back up your iPhone in iTunes so you can restore the device once the screen repair has been completed. Secondly, as you remove parts from the device, make note of them and lay them in the order in which you remove them to make reassembly easy.


    Note: We are currently in the process of recording screen replacement tutorial videos and all associated imagery and video will be uploaded shortly! Stay tuned to our socials for updates!


    Removing the iPhone 4 Screen

    Step 1: Remove sim tray from your device, if you have lost your original sim removal tool, simply unfold a paper clip and insert it into the hole on the side of your device.

    Step 2: Remove the two pentalobe screws from the bottom of the device with the pentalobe screwdriver provided in the iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Kit.

    Step 3: Turn the device over so the screen is facing the ground and slide the back off by pushing up towards the rear camera.

    Step 4: With the back removed, remove the screw holding down the battery connector. This battery connector will come away as you remove the screw by levering up and away from the phone. Now remove the battery by pulling the plastic transparent tab.

    Step 5: Now the battery is removed, Remove the 5 screws holding down the EMI shield.

    Step 6: Remove the vibrator motor with the 2 screws holding it in. With the vibrator removed, there are 6 ribbon cable connectors located at the top of the device that will need to be removed. As before, these can be disconnected by pulling up and away from the phone.

    Step 7: Remove the two screws to the left of the device and disconnect the ribbon cable underneath.

    Step 8: Remove the screw located at the bottom right of the device and lift the antenna connection located at the bottom left of the device up and away from the device carefully. Once completed, lift the speaker at the bottom of the device out of the housing.

    Step 9: Now the antenna/speaker box has been removed, lift the long ribbon up over to reveal another screw located at the bottom left of the device. Remove this screw. Covered by a white sticker is the next screw that needs removal. Slide this off with your driver and remove the screw. There is a screw located near the top of the device, remove it. Carefully lift the circuit board up and out of the device.

    Step 10: With the circuit board removed, you guessed it, a number of screws need to be removed which hold the screen in place. These screws are a different size and have washers behind them.

    Step 11: Run the pry tool included in the iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Kit along the join at the side of the screen to free it.


    Removing components from the screen

    Step 1: Gently pull the black latch outwards and with little force, carefully pull the home button from the opposite side. Remove the charge socket by carefully peeling away the long ribbonn.

    Step 2: Remove the front camera, lever the metal shield and gently lift the camera out.


    All done! Reverse the whole procedure for reassembly.

    Tutorial video & imagery coming soon! Stay tuned to our socials!


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