V1SE 6-In-1 Mobile Phone Code Reading Programmer

Premium mobile phone code reading programmer with free delivery.

1. Read screen info, battery info and fingerprint serial number automatically.
2. Repair Truetone with/without the original screen.
3. Read and write Logic/baseband chip, dot projector data, 12 series screen data.
4. Detect receiver FPC.
5. Touch/brightness/vibration repair.
6. Read, write and repair battery data.
7. Pass the i4 battery test.
8. Clear battery charging times.
9. Analyse phone crashes.
10. Support multiple function boards extension.
11. Connect to phone and read original factory info such as screen code, battery code, fingerprint serial number, etc.

Programming Type: Mobile Phone Code Reader

Model: V1SE

Quality: Verified

Brand: JCID

Dispatched From: Brisbane, Australia

Wholesale pricing available for approved business customers

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